Meet the Team

DPM Reception and Scheduling

Mireya is a certified medical assistant and has been with DPM since 2020.  Her current role is dedicated to assisting our patients as intake coordinator and scheduler.  She is extremely organized and a tremendous resource for any questions pertaining to the clinical and facilities side of our practice. She has served as a medical assistant in both the procedural suite and the clinic.  She can be reached at

Rita is the longest-serving DPM employee and is our front-office supervisor.  She helps to schedule patients on both the clinical and facility sides of DPM and is the initial contact for all patients prior to any interventional pain procedures to provide appropriate instructions and answer any questions.  Rita is a primary point of contact for legal case managers and medical providers in helping to coordinate patient care.  She can be reached at

DPM Clinical Employees

Jasmine has served as a lead clinical medical assistant since DPM opened back in early 2020.  She works at all 3 practice locations and is well-versed in all aspects of clinical patient care here at DPM including medical record requests, outgoing & incoming referrals, and maintenance of clinical laboratory records. She is currently enrolled at Nevada Career Institute in the Surgical Technician program and is now with DPM half-time as of the Fall of 2022.   Please feel free to contact her at

Daniela has been with us since mid-2020 and is the lead clinical medical assistant at all 3 DPM locations.  Amongst her many job responsibilities, she serves as our laboratory clinical director and outgoing referral coordinator.  She can be reached at

Viviana is an experienced certified medical assistant here at DPM.  She has been with us since 2021 and currently works at all 3 practice locations.  She also serves as our referral coordinator to help process both outgoing and incoming referrals as well as scheduling.  She can be reached at

Roxanna has a very unique role here at DPM serving as a medical assistant in both the clinical and procedural suites, a medical scribe for our providers, and the primary contact for the processing of all requests for disability paperwork.  She now works half-time here at DPM while she pursues her undergraduate degree as she prepares herself to begin the application process for medical school.  She can be reached at

Macie is a medical assistant here at DPM She works directly with Dr. DiMuro in both the clinical and procedural areas of the practice and can be seen working at all 3 practice locations.  She is a certified nursing assistant and is happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding all aspects of patient care.  You can reach her at

DPM Facility Employees

Maria has worked in the medical field for over 20 years and serves as both a medical assistant in the procedural suite as well as an administrative assistant.  She is able to address any questions or concerns related to all aspects of interventional pain procedures performed here at DPM. Please feel free to contact her at

Joselyn is the lead medical assistant for our Facility, and she also serves as a procedural coordinator here at DPM She has been the primary contact for procedural scheduling and coordination of peri-procedural care since the practice was opened back in 2020.  Please feel free to contact her at for any questions or concerns regarding pain injection procedure care.

Adriana has been a medical assistant for over 10 years and joined DPM in 2022.  She works alongside Dr. DiMuro in the procedural suite providing direct patient care and also helping to assist all patients in the peri-procedural process including scheduling and post-procedural follow-up.  She can be reached at

Stephanie is a Registered Nurse who serves as our Director of Nursing and has been with DPM since 2021.  She works exclusively at the Ann Road facility helping to coordinate the individualized patient experience throughout an interventional pain procedure.  She can be reached at

DPM Billing & Records

Jessica has 25 years of experience in the medical field and works in the main DPM business office on Ann Road.  She is a medical billing specialist that assists with the management and dissemination of medical billing and records.  She has helped to streamline our technology for HIPAA-compliant management.  Please feel free to contact Jessica at

Karolina has maintained our business office at DPM since 2020.  She has been a vital part of the inner workings of our practice behind the scenes by assisting case managers, responding to all requests for updated billing and records, and ensuring a smooth experience for all of our patients. Karolina remains with DPM half-time while she attends college working towards her undergraduate degree. Karolina may be reached at

Kathleen is a billing specialist and brings a vast amount of experience in the medical-legal space to us here at DPM.  She works in the Ann Road business office helping to process both medical records requests and billing/reduction requests.  Please feel free to contact Kathleen at

DPM Marketing Team

Karli joined DPM in 2022 upon completion of her undergraduate degree in Communications & Hospitality Management from UNLV.  She is a former college athlete and her athletic experiences have provided her with a significant background in the field of pain medicine.  Here at DPM, she has been able to cultivate relationships with our medical colleagues and help facilitate a smooth transition of care for each patient. Karli also creates our monthly newsletter and serves as our events planner. She can be reached at

Vanessa joined DPM in 2022 after completing her undergraduate studies at UNLV with a major in marketing.  She is very savvy with social media and is eager to put her knowledge and skills to work as an outreach to the Las Vegas community.  We are excited to welcome her to the team. She can be reached at

DPM Practice Administrator

Julie is the DPM practice administrator and has been a vital part of DPM since we opened our first office.  She has a BS in Accounting from BYU and had spent her entire career working in public accounting until assisting with the development and creation of DPM in 2020.  She handles all of the day-to-day operations for the practice and can help answer any business, clinical, or facility issues.  She can be reached at

DPM Medical Providers

Tanner is a certified Physician Associate who has been with DPM since 2020.  He has worked alongside Dr. DiMuro providing direct patient care in both the procedural suite as well as the examination room.  He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese and he works in all 3 DPM locations.  He is well-versed in the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options for patients with a variety of pain ailments and particularly spinal pain.

Lawrence is a certified Physician Associate that joined DPM in 2021.  He works primarily at our North Las Vegas location. He has worked with Dr. DiMuro in both the procedural suite and the clinic.  He is experienced with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating the diffuse presentation of acute injuries.  He works very closely with our patients to coordinate their follow-up care in order to optimize non-surgical treatment.

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